Two-tier rugby here to stay in 2016 but with some changes

enter The two-tier Central North Rugby competition is here to stay, for the 2016 season at least, but includes some modifications on last year.

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الخيارات الثنائية القانونية في أستراليا The CN has been trialling a two-tier system where all teams play collectively for the first half of the season before splitting into upper and lower tier divisions based on round results.

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3000 mg seroquel In the second half of the season, each division then plays off for their respective title claims. The last-placed team from the upper tier was dropped to the lower tier.


buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription The division aimed to create greater competition among the top-placed clubs, while grouping the weaker teams together for more competitive games in the lower tier.

see here However not all clubs were satisfied that the tier system in theory, matched the reality of what teams were experiencing in their respective divisions.

binäre optionen consors “A number of clubs didn’t like the two-tier,” Central North president Tony Byrnes said.

follow site To help alleviate clubs’ concerns, a compromise was reached where the two-tier format would remain but change to include a promotion of the top-placed lower tier side to join the upper tier. “It’s a good outcome,” Byrnes said. “It satisfied both camps.” The revision also allows for a lower tier team a chance of making the grand final.